Project IT Services

With fast changing Technology environments faster rollout of IT services become utmost important.

As the Technology projects are very much on tight schedules it is very essential make accurate project plans, monitor the progress and take necessary corrective actions to deliver on time.

There are business critical projects which need to be executed in a time bound way and PIPL is experienced in delivering IT projects to premier customers across the country and Globally. Projects range from windows migration to Asset audit etc.

Beyond IT operations, we are experienced in delivering time bound IT projects across the technology domain and Asset and compliance space. We have executed 200+ Projects across the customers. Some of our projects include Migration of 1000+ end points from Win7 to Win10 for a Middle eastern bank, supporting of migration of 20000 assets from win7 to win10 for Automotive company, Asset verification (50000 assets) for an Insurance company in 75 days, Desktop replacement of 5000 assets across India for an leading bank etc.

With robust technical team and governance framework we can deliver the project seamlessly.

End Point Rollouts

End point rollouts include rolling out the end user devices like desktops, laptops, BYOD devices, associated OS migrations and applications. Post the study of the environment and impact assessment rollout plan is made and executed . End user device updates/upgrades are also part of the rollouts.

Windows Migration

As the windows is the dominant end user OS across the devices windows migration is a essential project as part of the IT initiatives. Windows 7 to 10 rollouts and associated updates and applications are also part of the projects.

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 migration project covers the deliverables like study of the environment, assessment of impact, standardizing the rollout template, doing the pilot run and actual rollout. We have done large 365 rollouts for the large customers.

Asset verification

Assessing the IT inventory on a periodic basic is very important activity from an IT financial management standpoint. Unused inventory lying across the companies are common which drains the resources and make investment unproductive. We have time bound asset verification project templates which we had executed across major corporates.

Compliance Checks

Compliance management is carried out by companies and large corporates to make sure IT assets, services, IT policies are in line with the corporate and statutory policies and guidelines. We have process framework and checklists to execute the project as at large scale.

Anti Virus Management

Anti virus management has activities like environment assessment/scan, impact analysis and remedial steps. It is carried out at both end user end and as well at the server level. These processes are repetitive in nature and done in a time bound method.

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